Chart FX for WPF: The next-generation in data visualization and analysis for your WPF applications.

Chart FX for WPF

Data Binding

Through the magic of WPF data binding and LINQ, you could easily populate a chart based on other controls, XML files, databases and other underlying data.

Data Binding

Chart FX for WPF will feature robust LINQ functionality. A LINQ-enabled chart will help developers access data in a more intuitive and programmer-centric manner. The chart will not be just limited to plotted numbers but other informational data that can be used to enhance the experience as a response to user actions and other events (rich content). In addition, Chart FX for WPF provides a way for you to specify how you want to group, filter or sort your data items, giving way to new data analysis scenarios.

Rich content is perhaps one of the most promising features in Chart FX for WPF, allowing innovative user interactivity scenarios not previously possible in Win32 or .NET development. For example, Chart FX for WPF can host a more complex set of data associated to series in the chart giving users zoom control of to inspect that data with closer scrutiny and page through the results.

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New Version 8.1 Released

New Chart FX for WPF version 8.1 released. Now available as part of the Studio FX Premium Subscription. Learn more about this release.

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Silverlight Products

Chart FX Silverlight Add-on

The Chart FX Silverlight Add-On extends Chart FX 7 and allows developers to add Chart FX functionality to their Silverlight web applications.

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Chart FX for WPF Demo Application

WPF Sample Application

Interact with the Chart FX for WPF Demo Application used in Tim Huckaby's presentation at TechEd 2008.

Note: .NET 3.0 is required to run this sample.

Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Download

Download the latest .NET Framework which supports WPF development.

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