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Recorded Webinar Video

For your convenience, this webinar has been divided into 3 videos:


  • Part I - Introduction to Reports and Dashboards (15:08)

    Devereaux Milburn, Portalogiks President and CEO, introduces definitions and principles for SharePoint reporting and dashboarding through a lively discussion around the platform history and tools commonly used to integrate reporting in SharePoint. This part of the webinar will help you understand core competencies of a successful dashboard and understand why most SharePoint reporting and dashboard fail.

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  • Part II - Introduction to DataParts Web Parts(10:26)

    Ivan Giugni, VP of Products at Software FX, introduces the different components and web parts available in DataParts with a graphical presentation around details on their architecture, main features and key benefits.

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  • Part III - DataParts Demo (20:24)

    Tomas Tezak, Product Manager and Software FX, presents 6 interesting DataParts demos that validate some of the concepts and features introduced by Mr. Milburn and Mr. Giugni. Particularly interesting are web parts that connect to data sources inside and outside SharePoint, a fully AJAX-enabled advanced list and a dashboard sample with interconnected DataParts.

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Presentation Slides

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