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The most advanced features in a single product for Java

Data Analysis

With an impressive array of price and technical indicators, and even interactive drawing features Chart FX 8 introduces a well-organized sidebar from where to access indicators such as Bollinger Bands, Moving Averages and Volume. In addition, Kagi, Point and Figure, Renko, and Three Line Break charts are provided as additional chart galleries. You can even customize and add your own technical indicators using Chart FX 8 powerful and intuitive API.


Data sources typically contain large amounts of data. Chart FX 8 lets users --who may know nothing about SQL or relational databases in general-- with an effective way to filter and display data that meets certain conditions.



Charts can display thousands of rows of data at a time and visualizing trends can become a daunting task, With Chart FX 8 organizing data into groups is easier than ever! You can group data in different ways and you can even change the type of aggregation being used for faster comparison and analysis.


A chart is more useful if it presents sales figures from highest to lowest, or the reverse, depending on whether the focus is on top or low performers. With Chart FX 8, users can easily change change the order in which data appears in a chart.


Data Connectivity

Chart FX 8 adds to the already superb data connectivity and handling capabilities  offered in previous versions of the product --such as XML, arrays, objects, text files and ODBC among others-- with a redesigned more powerful object oriented API.


For the first time ever, Chart FX 8 supports vector based markers and backgrounds to produce eye-catching charts and layouts that captivate users and draw them in to explore the data within your desktop or web based applications.



Chart FX 8 robust serialization and server infrastructure help improve performance with less memory consumption, faster rendering and easier integration between Chart FX products. Never before has Chart FX, or any other charting product for that matter, display the blazing speed provided by Chart FX 8!

Exciting New UI

A completely redesigned UI allows end users access to action bars with exciting new functionality! Each chart object can be right clicked to access hundreds of features to further customize the way the chart looks or how the data is processed and displayed by the chart.


New API, Full backward compatibility!*

The Chart FX 8 API and object model has been vastly improved from version 7 in order to make it more powerful, accessible and intuitive. At the same time, we appreciate the importance of backwards compatibility and the effect this has in many of our loyal customers. In order to ease the migration path, we have made sure the Chart FX 7 API is also fully supported in Chart FX 8 for Java!

In-depth details simplified

A single SQL statement is all that is needed to allow Master-Detail Data, Drilldown, Views and Enhanced Tooltips, as a developer you can manipulate data fields passed to Chart FX 8 in any way you want regardless of whether those fields are displayed in the chart!


Web Platform Support

Chart FX 8 is also available for a myriad of web based platforms and technologies, such as .NET and Java, with support for HMTL5 and fully compatible with today’s popular mobile and desktop browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer and Firefox.

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