Putting Android to work for your business

Compatible with all versions of Android

Create Charts and Dashboards on Android that are out of this world


Dashboards are just a tap away.

PowerGadgets Mobile lets you access dashboards your organization has created and stored on a server. Simply download and install the PowerGadgets Mobile from the Android Market and point your device to a URL and you will have immediate access to corporate data graphically.

PowerGadgets provides a powerful charting engine providing over 100 chart types and a wealth of aesthetic and functional features. A chart plots data in the form of series and points with each series containing one or more points.

PowerGadgets provides an out-gauge cmdlet to display single-variable data in radial, linear and digital-panel gauges. Single-variable analysis is very powerful when combined with PowerGadgets' flexible real-time capabilities.

Organized, really organized!

Dashboards are automatically organized by category and description so they're easier to spot and add to your Android phone. Once added, dashboards appear in a single screen. Swipe to scroll through them, and tap to open, it's just that easy. Data is fetched at real-time so you can track latest sales, manufacturing or inventory data whenever and wherever you need it!


Professionally Designed

Dashboard elements can be arranged on a single page and accommodate to professionally designed color schemes and designs so you have plenty of choices to personalize your dashboards.

Charts Galore!

With hundreds of different graphical representations, including charts, gauges and maps, PowerGagdets Mobile is simply the most powerful dashboard and business intelligence solution for your Android phone. If you are looking to access and view corporate data in your Android device, there is simply no better way than with PowerGadgets Mobile!



Zoom in to view more detail information or tap dashboard elements to display detailed information.

Adaptive Screen Resolution

With adaptive portrait and landscape modes, PowerGadgets Mobile automatically accommodates to your Android phone's screen rotation capabilities to enhance dashboard resolution and analysis.


Power Gadgets Mobile Free Quickstart Guide

This Quick Guide along with the intuitive User Interface of the new Power Gadgets Mobile will get you started in no time! You will be publishing your dashboards a lot faster than you ever even thought possible! Download and print it here.

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