Virtual Training Center (VTC) for SharePoint 2010. Put SharePoint Training Where it Really Belongs: On Your Server.

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VTC Virtual Training Center

VTC for SharePoint 2007 is available in 2 versions: Personal and Server, while VTC for SharePoint 2010 is only available in the server version. Below you will find information related to each version to help you decide which version better suits your needs.

Personal VTC for SharePoint 2007

The Personal VTC for SharePoint is the solution for individuals who want to get access to SharePoint training without the need for multiple users in your organization to access the training modules directly through SharePoint. The Personal VTC installs locally on your computer, and is a stand-alone version of our training videos that does not require an active internet connection.

VTC for SharePoint 2010/2007 Server

If your SharePoint training needs extend through your organization, and you need more than one person to access the SharePoint training modules, VTC for SharePoint Server is the solution for you. VTC for SharePoint Server installs on your SharePoint server and integrates directly into your SharePoint portals. It appears as a new SharePoint site tab in your SharePoint portal, easily accessible to all your SharePoint users.

Benefits of VTC for SharePoint Server

  • Faster User Adoption
    SharePoint users get immediate training on skills important to their role and are not dependent on a physical class or training budget to learn how to use SharePoint. Organizations that use virtual training mitigate staff learning curves by up to 50%.

  • Lower Overall Training Costs
    A one-time enterprise license can cost less than putting one user through a class. By deploying the VTC across the organization all users can use the training, it is not restricted to a fixed list of individuals who were authorized or budgeted to attend a course.

  • Improved Resource Management
    If the organization's IT department is training users manually it diverts resources from development and governance. With a single deployment of the VTC, every user in the company has access to a vast knowledge base of training and is not dependent on IT to train them.

  • Modular Sessions
    Information workers can obtain training specific to their role/function in the organization. Users only need to take the modules specific to the tasks they need to learn and can get back to their job.

  • Cohesive Skill Sets
    By providing virtual training to all portal users they obtain a common skill set to collaborate together and use the tools and utilities of SharePoint sites. This enables their participation as a collaborative citizen in the SharePoint environment. Through use of the VTC, organizations achieve "distributed authoring" quicker, substantially larger SharePoint portals and more engaged citizens.

  • Instant Access
    Users can train from any location, at any time and with playback controls at any tempo. Being self-paced and self-serve allows users to obtain training when there is time without the loss of productivity of being offsite at a class.

  • Increased Retention
    Knowledge is a perishable commodity. Studies have shown students attending classroom-based training only retain a fraction of what they were taught. By embedding the VTC into your organization's SharePoint site, it creates a permanent training repository for all users to keep their skills up to date.

  • Highly Integrated
    The VTC installs directly from your SharePoint web server, can employ the company's custom master page, and is theme aware. Your organization has possession of the VTC on your infrastructure and can directly control access.


Who is Devereaux Milburn?

Devereaux Milburn

Devereaux Milburn is a SharePoint training expert who for many years has been providing SharePoint consulting, training and implementation services to companies in need of assistance with their SharePoint initiatives.

In recognition of tremendous growth in the SharePoint market and the lack of accessible training solutions in this field, Software FX has partnered with Mr. Milburn to address this need through the production of a series of high quality, easy to understand and highly informational training videos for SharePoint.

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