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Chart FX for iOS is the newest addition to the award-winning Chart FX family of products. It provides the familiar set of features and powerful functionality you’ve come to expect from Chart FX, now completely optimized for iOS development.

Chart FX for iOS provides the familiar set of features and powerful functionality you’ve come to expect from Chart FX such as:


Make your data move.
Chart FX for iOS supports animated transitions which elegantly paint charts when you first display or change a chart’s inner data. These animations not only help users stay focused in charts by making them more engaging but also invite users to interact with charts and improve your application’s aesthetics. Try Chart FX for iOS and you will fall in love, we guarantee it!



Choose from a collection of gallery types, palettes & layouts.
With Chart FX for iOS Palettes you can make charts adapt to your application aestethical layer in just a few seconds. That’s right, whether you are making a High Contrast or a Pastel color based application, Chart FX for iOS provides over 16 Palettes you can select and set with just a property setting. Additionally, Chart FX for iOS provides advanced customization, allowing you to fine-tune your charts to your application’s needs.

Charts Galore

A myriad of chart types right at your fingertips.
For over 2 decades, Chart FX has helped developers integrate charts and graphs in their reporting and data visualization applications. This heritage instantly makes Chart FX for iOS into the most powerful mobile charting engine supporting the most complete collection of 2D and 3D chart types. There is simply no other mobile charting solution that can offer so many data visualization scenarios and chart types right out of the box.


Special Chart Types

Not just a lot but specialized Chart Types.
While most iOS charting solutions stop at providing pie, bar, line and area charts that are good for generic data visualization scenarios, Chart FX for iOS goes further! With Bubble, Scatter, Radar, Pareto, Polar, Tree Map, Heat Map, Equalizer, Financial, Bullet, Rose, Funnel and many more specialized chart types, Chart FX for iOS is the only data visualization solution for building professional iOS applications.

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