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Grid FX is perhaps the most exciting product release in Software FX's history. It combines all of our product and technology innovation to provide developers with a truly unique and highly integrated data visualization platform to display graphical and tabular data in enterprise applications.

Design-Time Experience

The design-time experience for existing grids is hardly, well, an experience. Grid FX is the only grid component that offers in place WYSIWYG template editing and context-sensitive Smart Tag Wizards that expose common functionality.
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End-User Experience

When developing Grid FX we challenged many of the common conventions and invented new run time features making Grid FX downright exciting to use. In many instances, you will find out developers will just connect to a data source and let end users unleash the real power behind Grid FX.
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Innovative Functionality

Grid FX introduces new features never before seen in a grid control, or any other Visual Studio control for that matter. Grid FX also ships Chart FX products in-the-box, offering immediate charts, digital panels, and gauges.
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There’s a lot more!

Everything you'd expect from an enterprise-quality grid component is present in Grid FX. From AJAX to WYSIWYG editing, we went the great lengths to provide the most robust and feature-rich data visualization component on the market.

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